by Resonant Language

Nautiloid 03:26
Giggle 03:12


100% of proceeds from EP downloads will go to the Coral Reef Alliance (, a non-profit that takes a multi-pronged approach for the study, protection, and monitoring of coral reefs. The organization has worked in Bali, Hawaii, Fiji, Honduras, Guatemala, and Indonesia to help keep our fragile reef ecosystems protected and intact.

Coral reefs contain a quarter of all marine life on Earth. They are oases of biodiversity – hotspots of activity, bursting with prismatic colors and strange creatures. Coral reef ecosystems also serve as spawning, breeding, and feeding grounds for many species that call the oceans their home. Far from a “drop in the ocean,” ill effects from coral reefs affect the overall health of sea ecosystems worldwide. And while we cannot undo the devastating loss of coral reef biodiversity from a myriad of human impacts, we have the potential to mitigate harmful effects going forward.


released November 28, 2017

Mastered by Sandy Finlayson


all rights reserved



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