Wander to Serve

by A Path Untold

Ghost Dance 06:25
I SEE 06:49
Vocals by Kim Moon
Oh Solitude 06:04
A New Way 08:07
Mirror Touch 07:40


Written by Daniel Merrill ( A Path Untold )



Mastered by - Audible Oddities www.audibleoddities.com

Artwork by : Toby Verhines

A Path Untold is the ever-expanding musical vision that producer Daniel Merrill (previously of Aligning Minds) has been slowly but steadily building for years, carefully constructing a sound that you’d be hard pressed to find anywhere else. His alchemical style has evolved through observing, collecting and fusing together a variety of diverse elements from genres such as future garage, slow/deep house, downtempo/ambient, and idm. Think mystical melodic story-telling through the use of explorative texture and harmonic bass presence, calling into existence the sound of alternate realms of beauty, intrigue and wonder.

The newest release from A Path Untold, ‘Wander to Serve’, is a full-length offering of 9 tracks that envelops the listener in a sonic world carefully constructed through a powerful combination of uniquely varied genre elements.

The album draws upon a personal account of transformation and transmutation, each track a form of therapy and self-expression shaped around the need to transmute pain and struggle into beauty and triumph. Over the course of Daniel’s 17-year journey as a music producer, his relentless exploration through the genre spectrum has allowed him to retain an objectivity necessary for the fusion of eclectic stylistic influences. His alchemical style has evolved over the years through observing, collecting and fusing together a variety of inspirations, bringing together elements from future garage, slow house, downtempo/ambient, world music and idm.

Additionally, through his experiences with Peruvian medicine work and group-based healing ceremonies, a loving fascination with that culture has also weaved its way into his compositions. With the utmost honor and respect paid to these long-standing traditions and sounds, he feels that it is in this fusion of mediums there lies an incredible opportunity to unify cultural realms. Bringing qualities of sacred healing experiences to the dancefloor, and utilizing the limitless palette of modern electronic music production to create transcendent healing experiences, the lines are blurred between worlds, utilizing music and creative expression to explore the balance between dualistic elements like illumination/darkness, past/future, tradition/innovation, euphoria/melancholy, natural/artificial, individual/collective, all as an expression of unity and holistic oneness.

‘Wander to Serve’ is a tribute to the notion that we are here collectively to be of service to one another - to help liberate each other, awaken, and create. That “To fully be of service, you must allow your heart to truly wander” through the infinite spectrum of experience in all of its dualistic nature, including facing fears, sorrows and challenges along the path of keeping your heart fully open in order to give and receive, in cyclical oscillation. This process manifests itself as a transmutation of life events, the concept of turning poison into medicine, darkness into light.


released October 11, 2018

Vocals on Serpent Rising by Kim Moon


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