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The Secret Subtle Light [Remixes]

by A Path Untold

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In late 2015, A Path Untold (Daniel Merrill) released his debut album under the project, Secret Subtle Light. Crafted over the course of two years, this seminal album created a strong signature statement of the multi-genre, multi-dimensional sound that is A Path Untold. Focused on melody, texture, off kilter grooves and emotional nuance, it fluidly explored the genre spectrum, weaving through various styles and structures of future garage, deep house, ambient, idm and world music. Conceptually it explored themes of self discovery, light within darkness, numinous experience, secrets, and the process of inward/outward illumination. The album was received to great underground acclaim and inspired listeners and producers from across the globe with its distinct vision.

Aquatic Collective is now proud to present A Path Untold - The Secret Subtle Light Remixes, a collection of reinterpretations by a variety of uniquely talented producers who represent a multitude of styles and approaches. Ranging from dance-able neuro-garage, deep mystical dubstep, soulful drum n’ bass rollers and introspective ambient, this release explores an aesthetic that stays in line with the original ethos. With artists Mystic State, Dillard, Aphasia, Oudjat., Shamanic Technology, Hajimari, & High Dude - the diversity of styles and genres remains intact.

The entirety of sales from the album will go towards purchasing a new boat for the [Payaguaje] lineage of the Secoya tribe in Ecuador, helping to lead efforts in reuniting families with their ancestral lands Lagarto Cocha]. This region is an area of flooded forest, shoreless lakes and vast sunsets and is the ancestral home of the indigenous peoples of the Secoya tribe.

"Today there are 600 Secoya in Ecuador, and 900 in Peru. Over the last 50 years ongoing external pressures have resulted in the Ecuadorian Secoya being reduced to living in a small area of land on the Aguarico River, a day’s travel upriver from Lagarto Cocha. Their communities and farmlands are surrounded by palm-oil plantations, oil and gas operations, and communities of colonists and other indigenous people who have recently moved into the area.”

"Despite the passing of time and the distance from their current communities, the Secoya still consider the area their spiritual and ancestral heartland. They continue to visit Lagarto Cocha annually, as a way of reaffirming their identity and connection with their ancestors, and to collect various resources. The unique ecosystem of Lagarto Cocha means that there are many plants and animals found there that the Secoya can not find on the River Aguarico. The expanding agricultural and oil operations have also degraded and contaminated the land and waters around the Secoya villages reducing the quantity and quality of available resources."

Mastering by Dillard

Artwork by Toby S Verhines


released July 30, 2019


all rights reserved



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